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Global animation market (demand perspective) was estimated at USD 59 billion in 2006, estimated to reach USD 80 billion by 2010. Global market for animated content and related services (developer's perspective) is estimated at USD 25-26 billion and is forecast to cross USD 34 billion by 2010.

Indian Market
Animation industry 111 India is expected to grow by CAGR of 27 percent to reach at $1163 million by 2012.

  Indian animation market shows great potential to grow as players in this segment can well tap over 340 million children in the country.

With just a 60,000 total strength, India is short of more than 1.5 Lacs technical experts in the animation industry this would increase to 5 lakh by 2011 end.

  To be able to maintain its share of the global pie, and grow it, there is a need for I focused human capital development for animation and gaming sectors, and for' I Government policy support in the Indian industry.

Case for Focused Human Capital Development for Animation and Gaming
The number of professionals employed by the Indian animation industry in 2006 is estimated at 16,500. This figure is forecast to increase at a CAG R of 14-15 percent by 2010.

According to an industry forecast by Anderson Consulting, the animation industry in India is poised to touch a whopping USD 1.5 billion (or even more) by 2009. Notably, iL was only USD 550 million at present. The growth is largely credited to the fact that bulks of the international animation assignments are being outsourced from India.

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ASSOCHAM REPORT: Animation Industry

Global Animation and Gaming Industry The Global Animation and Gaming industry, growing at 12% p.a. (2005-2009) is a USD 115 Billion industry (CY 2009). The industry is estimated to continue its growth rate at 10% p.a. to reach USD 170 Billion by CY2013. Figure 2: Global Animation and Gaming Market Revenues (USD Bn)

Animation, briefly described, is a rapid display of time sequenced frames to create an illusion of continuous movement. The sub-segments within Animation and Gaming may be defined as follows:

•  Animation Entertainment: Custom animation development for television,    movies, or DVD
•  Visual Effects (VFX): Special effects development used mainly in movies    and ad productions.
•  Custom Content Development: Development of custom content catering to    multiple segments, including Corporate, Higher Education etc.

•  PC Games: Games played on the personal computer;can be single-player    or multi-player.
•  Mobile Games: Games played exclusively on the mobile handset. Currently     consists of mostly single player short games.
• Console Games: Games played on dedicated gaming consoles. These    boast of better graphics, and controllers than other types of games
•  Online Games: Games played over the internet.

The Indian animation and gaming industry derives its revenues majorly from outsourcing. International production houses outsource work to Indian studios while international game publishers outsource work to Indian game development companies. For animation, India caters primarily to US and UK. The domestic share of the Indian animation revenues was only 30% as of 2009.
Macro indicators suggest an exponential scope for growth, both on the domestic and the outsourcing front:
Domestic: Indian domestic animation and gaming is a miniscule 0.6% of the worldwide animation and gaming market, thus indicating a huge scope for growth.
Outsourcing: India has the inherent advantages of outsourcing, which is evident from its success in the IT/ ITES outsourcing sector. However, Indian outsourcing share of the global market for animation and gaming industry is very low as compared to the corresponding share in the IT and BPO Industry.
Global AniFigure 4: Indian Animation and Gaming Industry Revenues (USD Mn) mation and Gaming Industry The Global

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Career Options

(Cartoon Channels, News Channels, Scientific Channels, Music Channels, Local TV Channels etc.)
India is the third largest television market in the world today.
In money terms it is pegged at 30000 Cr. And is expected to grow to 50,000Cr.by the year 2010.
The demand for quality content is growing due to increase in the number of channels.
All levels of professional required for creating contents from lower end Title Scrolls to Channel ID’s and computer generated VFX.

Films bag a major share of this field at 24%.
India produced over 1200 films in 2010.
Every year at least 80% of films has Special Effects.
3D Animation Movie/Cartoons doing massive business in India and still running.
Demand for high quality content is growing for animation and special effects.

Advertising has also seen a tremendous growth in the use of digital effects and finishing besides graphics in the last few years with huge requirement of International/National & Local Ad Agency.
Creatives are required for each and every products of a company for its pre launch/launch and marketing.

3D Character Design for Magazines.
Graphics for Outdoor Billboards, Brochures, Posters, Print Media Magazines, Brochures, Catalogs etc.

The computer aided design sector is using 3D designing tools in the field of Architectural Visualisations & Walkthroughs.

The computer aided design sector is using 3D designing tools in the field of Interior Visualisations & furniture designs.

Trainees for hazardous professions are now-a-days provided virtual training by use of computer generated disasters/dangerous environments such as, Marine Training, Astronaut Training, Pilot Training Car Driving etc.

Thrice the size of Hollywood.
Global Gaming  Indusustry estimated at USD 25000 millions.
Indian gaming industry is expected to grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 32 per cent at Rs 3,100-crore by 2014 with factors such as a young population, rising disposable incomes, increasing wireless users and proliferation of developers and publishers.
(Source Economics Times, URL: http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2010-08-29/news/27621872_1_gaming-industry-gamers-outsourcing-destinations)

With the increase of bandwidth the use of 3D images and animations have been increasing to attract people to the website.
EVENT MANAGEMENT: Event Planning, Exhibitions, Conferences & Functions

Organizers an event management companies first get the various stage/stall venue setup designed in 3D and henceforth get the ideas approved.

Information about the set design,lights details can simulates their combined effect.

:Large Wedding Planning , Corporate Conference, Exhibitions, Trade Fair, Fashion Sets etc.
(For more details: http://www.3deventplanning.net)

Three-dimensional design technology is the must-have design tool – and it’s not just for the biggest aerospace and automotive manufacturers who require their suppliers to provide 3D models. Research shows 3D design and engineering is increasingly prevalent among mainstream manufacturers as well. In fact, estimates put spending at $7 billion worldwide 3D design technology.
Example:Mobile Handset design with is cover/box design/cover design/catalogue design

The computer aided designs using 3D design 7 animations are essential tools in Aircraft & Automobile industry.

Use of 3D models in educational CDs is being widely used for creating entertaining and attractive presentation to help grasp the student’s attention and for better retention.

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